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History Odyssey:

Modern; Level One

History Odyssey study guides take the guesswork out of planning history and literature studies. Each guide provides daily lesson plans, map activities, reading lists, hands-on activities, writing assignments and research assignments for studying Ancient History, the Middle Ages, Early Modern History and Modern History. Each History Odyssey study guide is part of a curriculum program that has three levels to accommodate all age groups. Each level builds upon the previous one, preparing students for more in depth study of each time period in history.

History Odyssey brings to life the story of mankind through a comprehensive study of the literature, historical events, and geography of the time period. Each study guide is intended to lead the instructor and student through a year-long study of the Ancients, the Middle Ages, Early Modern, or Modern time periods. They provide the framework and structure for using and organizing many of the best resources available for history and literature. The study guides include easy-to-follow lessons that present history chronologically and include reading and writing assignments, map work, and activities. Each level of History Odyssey progresses gently, preparing the student for more complicated reading and writing.

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History Odyssey:


Level One

Stage: Grammar
Period: Modern
Subject: History