ClassiQuest Science: Logic Stage Astronomy & Geoscience

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ClassiQuest Science study guides provide a solid science foundation for those using the classical method of education.

ClassiQuest Science study guides contain 36 weekly lessons with coordinated readings, lab experiments and activities for the classical student.  The study guides are organized around the classical model, providing a logical progression which parallels the historical development of scientific thought.  The program requires reading from multiple sources, research into the important people and discoveries of the scientific field being studied, and exposure to the Latin and Greek roots of scientific terminology.

Logic stage study guides address the evolving educational needs of the middle grade student.  The labs provide hands-on activities to develop critical thinking and the technical skills that will prepare the student for higher level laboratory work.  Each logic stage study guide is suitable for grades 5 – 8.

ClassiQuest Science study guides eliminate the need for long hours of lesson planning.  Each week’s work is clearly outlined.  Detailed materials lists at the beginning of each guide allow the instructor and student to prepare ahead of time, eliminating the last minute scramble for supplies.

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ClassiQuest Science: Logic Stage Astronomy & Geoscience

Solid Science for the Classical Curriculum

Stage: Logic
Period: Middle Ages
Subject: Science

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